What is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

In an increasingly digital age, many companies have begun to see the value of Search Engine Optimization, commonly abbreviated as SEO. Yet many people find themselves asking what is SEO or what is search engine optimization? In the simplest of explanations, SEO can be boiled down as a way to increase the visibility of a website when a search engine is used. SEO is much more complex, however, as it considers the way search engines function, what people are searching for, relevant keywords, and even what search engines a target audience is likely to use.

SEO began in the mid-1990s, as website owners began to see that having sites that ranked high in search engine results (SEO) meant more traffic and more successful sites. Why more traffic? Well if sites are showing up in search results more frequently, users are more likely to click a link to take them to that webpage. Thus, in the years following, SEO has become commonplace for any website owner.

How does SEO work?

Search engines often use programs called spiders or crawlers that analyze webpages. When a page includes target keywords, then they are more likely to position that page in search results. In addition, search engines evaluate the number of links to other pages within a webpage, which impacts where the page shows up in the results. If a page is about a particular topic and includes many links to other pages that cover the same topic, it’s likely to show up higher in search results.

There are definitely a number of SEO benefits, one of which is increased traffic to a site, traffic that will be within the target audience and generate business. In addition, SEO means more exposure in general, which is particularly helpful if the website is used to make a living for someone. So when people pose the question, “why use SEO,” the answer is simple. If the goal is to increase traffic and business in terms of an online presence, it’s a risk to take the chance of getting lost in the abyss that is the internet; it is crucial for the site to show up when users search the internet with terms that relate to the content. The best way to do that is by recognizing that SEO is a must-use. In fact, the question has, for many, shifted from why use SEO to why not use SEO? We assure you that your website and wallet will definitely thank you.

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