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Remote & Onsite IT Support for Small Business in San Francisco Bay Area California

Ryda Tech provides remote it support and onsite it support services for small business in San Francisco Bay Area, California. Provides skilled IT support for desktops, server, applications, and other network equipment.

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What is IT Support

IT Support, also referred to as Technical Support, is the process of providing help with technology related stuff or products like computers, mobile phones, televisions, digital video recorders, software products, and other electronic and mechanical goods. Major role of IT Support is to provide technical solution when a problem arises from a product the consumer purchased or subscribed to.

We are living in an advanced-technology world, thus, IT support is essential. You may already have used and asked for an IT support that you are not aware of. A newly purchased product normally comes with information that has a toll free number to call for help. You can call to ask for assistance on how to go about using the new product or if you have difficulty on getting it to work properly. This example is already using IT Support.

Types of IT Support

IT Support may be delivered through phone, email, live support over the website, or in person. Very often, technical problems can be solved in seconds or in minutes. There are times the technical support is happy enough to stay for hours with you over the phone or through email to help you with all the technical solutions for the product.

  • Call Out – This type of IT support is very common in the services industry. This is also called as “Times and Materials” IT support. The customer pays for the materials as well as the technician based on a pre-negotiated rate if problem arises.
  • Block Hours – A customer purchase a bunch of hours for technical support upfront at an agreed price. The block hours can either be used per month or per year. The flexibility of Block Hours saves the customer the hassle of paperwork and paying multiple bills.
  • Managed IT Service – Companies that offer this kind of service is called Manage Services Providers. These services offer 24/7 monitoring of servers, 24/7 help desk for daily computer issues, and on-site visits by technician on issues that can’t be resolved remotely.
  • Crowd Source Technical Support – This service provides discussion boards for users to interact. These forums allow companies to minimize support costs but not losing customer feedback. There are many independent websites user discussions. Companies such Apple and Mozilla use this service.

Remote It Support

Remote IT Support uses IT tools and software that enables IT technician to connect from a remote computer from their consoles via the Internet and work directly on the remote system. It also can do file transfer, desktop sharing, guest accessibility, and file synchronization.

Remote IT Support tries to reduce help desk cost issues like transport related expenses are trimmed down immediately. Today’s modern technology enables Remote IT Support to assist a customer just like it was side-by-side physically.

Remote IT Support has a major concern though and that is privacy. The IT Support has to use desktop sharing. The technician can have total unattended remote access to the client’s computer even if he is not physically close to it. There is a need for an absolute trust in these services.

Onsite IT Support

Onsite IT Support is a situation wherein an IT Support visits your workplace or home to fix computer or IT issues. Many businesses only discover the real importance of an IT Support only when there is a major IT breakdown or disaster.

With Onsite IT Support you can have access to IT professionals who are experts on their craft and be assured issues are detected and fixed in good time. In business, the sooner you can get things back, the better. Any delay is a business loss so you need fast response time that Onsite Support can do. It is also convenient than disconnecting all your computer cables and take it to the repair shop. It also is an opportunity to learn by observing the IT experts performing their work as you may be able to fix similar problem in the future.

Onsite IT Support though is costly as aside from the IT experts fee which includes how much support is needed you also need to pay for the transportation. Others will charge based on hourly rate.

When to go for Onsite or Remote IT Support?

They say as far as quality is concern, there is nothing much of a big difference between a Remote or and Onsite IT Support. It all depends on what kind of IT support does your company or your personal computer need. Just take note that fixing IT problems remotely is cheaper than onsite services but you would have to consider your privacy if it is a major thing for your business. Onsite services gives you extra knowledge on how to fix IT problems by observing the experts doing their jobs live.

Ryda Tech provides Onsite and Remote IT Support in San Francisco Bay Area California, and the surrounding areas such as Marin, Berkeley, Santa Rosa, Sacramento, Oakland, and more. Call (415) 763-7977 and or fill out contact form to inquire: Contact Us