Cloud Migration Services

Migrate Your IT To The Cloud

Cloud Migration and Services

Ryda Tech IT provides cloud migration services in San Francisco Bay Area, Marin, Sacramento, East Bay & Oakland and throughout the greater Bay Area.

Don’t want a huge server rack taking up your office?  Are you worried about what will happen to your data if your computer crash?  Ryda Tech has you covered- by setting you up with cloud software services, we can give you easy access to your software and data from any location, while protecting you from server crashes and equipment loss.  

Benefits of Cloud Services

  • Speed- cloud applications can be launched and configured in hours rather than days or weeks
  • Scalability- you only pay for the resources you use
  • Security- with a cloud system, your data is kept at a secure, guarded location, protected by the best security software.
  • Cost- you don’t have to hire a full-time IT person to run your cloud software, and it requires little or no external support

Examples of Cloud-based Solutions

  • Google Apps- Google Apps provides data storage as well as basic office software such as word processing, calendars, email, spreadsheets, and slide shows, all on the cloud.  It also allows people to easily share files and work on them in a collaborative environment.
  • Hosted exchanges- In a hosted exchange, your email, address book, documents and task management programs are stored in a cloud system and routed straight to your laptops or other devices, giving you easy access without needing to go through a web browser. 
  • Online backup- Online backup services such as Carbonite, Backblaze and Mozy automatically back up any files you create on your local device to the cloud, protecting you from data loss.
  • Cloud file sharing- These services offer an alternative to backup services, giving you flexibility in the ways and places that you access your files.  They are ideal for companies in which employees work remotely via Virtual Private Network (VPN).  
  • Virtual desktops- This class of service utilizes server hardware to run desktop operating systems and application software inside a virtual machine, or simulated desktop computer, which users then access from their existing computers.  The advantage is that the user no longer has to worry about most hardware and software upgrades, as those are done on the server side by the cloud provider.