WIFI Site Survey / Assessment

Performing a WIFI assessment is an important step for IT companies to ensure that their organization has a reliable and secure wireless network.

Define the scope: The first step is to define the scope of the assessment, including the areas of the organization that will be included and the types of devices that will be assessed. This includes physical survey of the areas to be covered to identify potential sources of interference or signal degradation.

Identify requirements: Determine the requirements for the WIFI network, such as bandwidth, coverage, and security, to ensure that the network meets the organization’s needs.

Assess network health: Conduct a survey of the WIFI network to determine its current health, including signal strength, interference, and network congestion. This can be done using specialized tools that can identify WIFI hotspots and signal strength.

Evaluate network security: Evaluate the security of the WIFI network, including the strength of encryption and authentication protocols, to ensure that the network is not vulnerable to attacks.

Analyze results: Analyze the results of the WIFI assessment to identify areas of improvement or potential issues that need to be addressed. This may include recommendations for hardware upgrades, software updates, or changes to network configuration.

Develop a plan: Based on the results of the WIFI assessment, develop a plan of where to change WiFI equipment.

WIFI Survey / Assessment in San Francisco

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