During the pandemic, Sunfolding needed to move location from San Francisco downtown to Alameda. The reason for the move was that their premises in San Francisco was no longer scaled correctly to accommodate the needs of this growing business.

Our team at RydaTech was called in to assist in the move, specifically to coordinate the information technology component of the office move. Our team managed the acquisition and coordination of various IT vendors, installation of WiFi, installation of desktop computers, hardware, security systems, and printers.

Rydatech was responsible for the set up and testing of all of Sunfolding’s systems at the new location. Given that the client extensively uses the Zoom platform to meet with their customers, our team set up purpose-equipped Zoom conference rooms at the new location, complete with Zoom rally bars and projectors.

During RydaTech’s coordination of the office IT move for Sunfolding, we encountered some challenges. Namely, poor cell service and deteriorated internet infrastructure in Alameda.

We were able to rectify the issue of poor cell service by installing cell boosters to improve signal and call quality for our client.

Sunfolding had a requirement for very high speed internet, so our professionals at RydaTech determined that the best option for this client- given the deteriorated internet infrastructure in the Alameda area- was to opt for satellite service. Our team was able to find the correct satellite service vendor to provide our client with the appropriate internet speed that they required. RydaTech worked with the chosen vendor to coordinate the installation of the service in a timely manner, in line with our client’s timeframe for their office reopening.

Since their office move from downtown San Francisco to Alameda, Sunfolding has been able to successfully continue to operate their business without issue. Their office IT move was seamless and completed within the allocated timeframe by our professional team at RydaTech.