RydaTech was called in to help set up a data modelling and analytics company that has users all over the world.

Kevin Oden Associates has very strict Soc2 security compliance requirements that needed to be adhered to and maintained throughout the duration of our work. Our team was involved in the thorough testing and documentation of the Soc2 procedure, ensuring compliance and therefore the utmost security of our client’s data.

As part of our service to Kevin Oden Associates, RydaTech staff installed, set up and configured an on-premises server, complete with the correct Microsoft server, remote desktop Windows server, and all the correct software to ensure that all the company devices were operating effectively and efficiently.

Moving forward, RydaTech is now currently in the process of upgrading Kevin Oden Associates networks to accommodate their growth, including secure data backup in the cloud. Our team of professionals has also built redundancy into the cloud infrastructure, ensuring that there are no failure points. RydaTech is also involved with the penetration testing and ongoing general security monitoring and maintenance of Ken Odin Associates IT infrastructure.