Tribeca Companies enlisted the services of RydaTech in order to help maintain and grow their current IT infrastructure. At the time, Tribeca had around fifty users but they were growing rapidly. They did not have any processes or IT infrastructure in place that could properly accommodate this growth.

RydaTech’s task was to devise the processes and implement them across all the company’s departments. Our team worked in close cooperation with the client to firstly understand their unique needs, and subsequently to acquire an implement the necessary IT hardware and equipment to facilitate the company’s growth.

Tribeca has a reputation for being one of the most agile and progressive global investment companies. As such, during the pandemic, they established sites for Covid-19 testing. RydaTech played an integral part in the set up and maintenance of the mobile testing studios. This involved our team heading out onsite to multiple testing locations across the USA. At each site location, our team needed to determine what the best type of mobile connection would be, then facilitate the setup of routers, tablets, printers, and any other hardware that was required for the successful and efficient operation of the testing studios, all over the United States.

RydaTech is proud to have been able to engage with Tribeca Companies in this important project. Our ongoing association with Tribeca Companies and our continued involvement in additional projects of theirs highlights the importance that RydaTech places on maintaining client relationships and of course, client satisfaction.